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Annual Report for FY 2020-21

The Criminal Justice Advisory Council is a task force comprised of business and community leaders, law enforcement, nonprofit service providers, attorneys, and judges who share an interest in making Oklahoma County’s justice system fair and effective. They produce reports on county-wide reform efforts each quarter. See the report attached below.

The Criminal Justice Advisory Council completed its third full fiscal year on June 30, 2021. Tough. Hard. Difficult. Messy. Challenging. Exhausting. Tumultuous. Not excuses but apt descriptors that highlight the struggles of trying to implement justice system reforms during a global pandemic, social unrest, and a toxic political climate. Nevertheless, the foundations of progress mentioned in previous CJAC Annual Reports continues to show evidence of system change.

Jail Population is Down

  • In 2021 (year average) the population was 1,713, about ½ of what it was about 12 years ago. The reason? Largely because of the increased use of diversion programs to get people into drug, alcohol, and mental health services.

More Mental Health Funding

  • CJAC is pleased to see more state funding for mental health and substance abuse. Examples include $7.5 million to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to fund additional urgent care and crisis centers and $3 million for mobile crisis teams to respond to and diffuse crisis situations in communities.

The Jail Trust finished its first full fiscal year

  • The OK County Jail Trust has overseen much-needed facility improvements, higher public accountability with financial and maintenance reports, public meetings, new Jail Tracker software to more clearly see daily populations, etc. Facility improvements included renovating more than 70 previously inoperable cells, a new hot water system, and increased spending on pest control and sanitation.

Policing Policy Work

  • The Oklahoma City Mayor’s Law Enforcement Policy Taskforce (LEPT) and the City Manager’s Community Policing Working Group (CPWG) are focusing on de-escalation training, public accountability and effective programming for mental health, crisis, youth, and homeless response.

Download the Report Below

CJAC annual report Oct 2021
Download PDF • 3.81MB


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