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Honoring Ravitz’s legacy means giving the justice involved a fair chance

Oklahoma County’s Chief Public Defender and a founding board member of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory Council, Robert “Bob” Ravitz made his closing arguments in life last month.

A headshot of Robert Ravitz and a quote stating, "The most important factor in preventing recidivism and relapse is employment."

Presiding Judge of the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, Scott Rowland, summed up the loss succinctly in his eulogy to Bob by stating simply, “we’ve lost a lot.” Rowland worked with Ravitz for years and made the case that Bob was one of the most influential people in Oklahoma County and Oklahoma state history due to his time spent teaching law students at Oklahoma City University School of Law, mentoring countless young lawyers, defending clients all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, being involved in every significant criminal law change in the state and serving on countless criminal law task forces statewide.

Bob served as Oklahoma County’s Chief Public Defender for over 30 years and learned a valuable lesson in serving his clients.

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