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Oklahoma County’s Treatment Courts strengthen community, workforce

A few weeks ago, Oklahoma County Treatment Courts (OCTC) hosted a graduation ceremony for its latest round of cohort members. The 116 graduates successfully completed the courts’ five-phase, 18-month program and are eager to continue on a path of self-improvement while supporting their families, communities, and employers.

Cierra Estep talking in a courtroom

The customized services are more cost-effective than those rendered within the state’s prisons. The cost of incarcerating an individual for one year in Oklahoma is approximately $23,155, while OCTC spends just $5,000 per participant each year. Since January of 2016, nearly 1,500 Oklahomans have graduated from OCTC, saving taxpayers approximately $180 million.

The treatment courts, including Drug and DUI Court, DREAM Court, and Veterans Court, serve as a rehabilitative alternative to incarceration for non-violent, high-risk offenders with moderate to severe substance use disorders.

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