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Quarterly Report: January 2021

The Oklahoma County Jail has seen COVID-19 numbers among inmates and staff drop to single digits over the last few months, as the jail population remains at its lowest levels in nearly a decade. More stringent testing over the last six months, and initiatives like the Penalty Reduction Program (PRP) that reduce fines and clear old warrants have helped guide these improvements. Current testing protocols require testing of detainees in the following circumstances: • All detainees prior to court appearance • All detainees being transferred to DOC • Detainees being transferred to another agency • All symptomatic detainees • Cell partners to any confirmed positive detainee For Detention Center staff, testing protocols require testing of symptomatic staff, exposure testing and at the request of staff that wish to have one at any time.

The most recent quarterly report from the Criminal Justice Advisory Council of Oklahoma County shows that despite obstacles from the COVID-19 pandemic, a downward trend in Oklahoma County jail persists. Among those obstacles was a backup in transferring convicted inmates to the Department of Corrections, which stopped entirely for a time last summer. See the full report below:

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