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Quarterly Report: November 2019

For the last year, from Oct. 1, 2018, to Oct. 31, 2019, the CJAC tracked the daily jail population and created a monthly average total from those daily numbers. We are unaware that such a year-long data tracking effort has ever been conducted before for the Oklahoma County jail. The data reveals that the one- year average for jail population is 1,663.

“By being more intentional about the use of the jail, Oklahoma County has achieved real change in just a few years, reducing the average daily jail population by over 30 percent since 2015.” -Vera Institute for Justice

This historic progress, accomplished by the work of CJAC partners and community stakeholders, should be celebrated. However, the celebration should be tempered by the reality that CJAC partners still have work to do since even at 1,663, the jail is still overcrowded at 140%.

See the full report below.

Download PDF • 2.20MB


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