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2022 Fair Chance Hiring Toolkit for Businesses

Everyone deserves a fair chance at landing a great job, regardless of involvement with the justice system.

The Greater OKC Chamber and the Criminal Justice Advisory Council have released the 2022 toolkit for "fair-chance" employers. CJAC and our partners have worked to make Oklahoma City the home of ample, diverse talent and economic opportunity for everyone. Justice-involved folks are an otherwise qualified population of people who are often overlooked for job opportunities. This toolkit will assisting employers in forming inclusive hiring practices by helping them to expand their potential talent opportunities.

A fair-chance employer is a business or organization that will not turn away talented applicants due to a criminal charge or conviction. Employment for justice-involved individuals is incredibly rewarding for both employers and employees.

  • Compared to the general workforce, justice-involved individuals have lower turnover rates, lower absenteeism and higher retention rates. The resulting lower training and turnover costs allows your business to continue to grow and be successful.

  • Steady employment among justice involved people helps reduce recidivism, thus reducing local and state costs. It helps improve the local economy and creates strong, able, contributing citizens and families.

EMPLOYER QUICK START GUIDE This will guide the employer through the components and questions of hiring justice involved individuals. For more in-depth information, see the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Toolkit, or visit with a re-entry employment specialist.

Download the full guide or view here:

criminal justice fair chance handbook 2022
Download PDF • 12.64MB

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