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2023 3rd Quarter Report

The Criminal Justice Advisory Council is a task force comprised of business and community leaders, law enforcement, nonprofit service providers, attorneys and judges who share an interest in making Oklahoma County’s justice system fair and effective. They produce reports on county-wide reform efforts each quarter. Download and read the full report linked below.

Highlights of the report:

  • CJAC welcomed three new council members to start 2023: Brian Maughan, Vicki Behenna and Christy Gillenwater.

  • Interim jail administrator, Major Brandi Garner, has hit the ground running and has worked with staff to renew the detention center's mission, vision and values.

  • The third quarter jail population average continues its downward trend. The FY23 average so far is lower than any of the previous three-year averages, which are all significantly lower than the previous 20 years.

  • Oklahoma County Detention Center maintenance team has designed and refitted cell doors with a much larger window, dramatically increasing the view when doing site checks.

  • New jail design, land acquisition and bond funding processes move forward.

2023 3Q CJAC Quarterly Report released April.20.2023
Download PDF • 9.00MB


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