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CJAC Executive Director Named to Law Enforcement Policy Task Force

Mayor David Holt announced the creation of a Law Enforcement Policy Task Force in Oklahoma City, following up on his previous commitment made in response to community concerns about current law enforcement policies. Ward 7 Councilwoman Nikki Nice also consulted on the membership of the task force. 

The task force will revisit and revise the Police Department’s de-escalation policy. It will also revisit and revise the structure in place designed to provide credible and independent accountability back to the community, a responsibility currently belonging to the Police Department’s Citizens Advisory Board.  

The task force may also consider other policies if it’s necessary to accomplish improvement in the two priority areas. The task force will recommend changes to the City Council and the City Manager for potential adoption.

The task force’s work is in addition to the law enforcement reforms unanimously adopted as priorities by the Council in a resolution authored by Ward 2 Councilman James Cooper.

Serving as special advisor and facilitator for the task force is M.T. Berry, retired Police Chief and Assistant City Manager.

The members of the Law Enforcement Policy Task Force are:


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