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Timothy Tardibono Statement on Jail Bond Vote

On June 28, 2022 Oklahoma County voted to extend a bond that will help fund the construction of a new jail. Research into the extremely poor, and dangerous condition of the current jail showed that the most efficient and cost effective way to finally address the problem is a new facility.

CJAC Executive Director, Timothy Tardibono released the following statement after polls closed:

"I’m grateful the voters have decided to solve this three-decade old problem in our community. With their vote of support, Oklahoma County can start working on the next steps to make their vote a reality. We will do so with transparency, accountability, and human dignity in mind. I want to thank all the member ​agencies of CJAC and their staff that worked diligently to put this package together. The voters agreed with you and now our work continues to make our county justice system fairer and more effective. It’s so encouraging to live in a community that can take ownership of its problems and move forward to better community solutions. This work has not been easy so far and won’t be any easier in the coming weeks and months. However, the community has shown they are up to the task. Onward."


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